Monday, November 11, 2013

I Miss You

Being this far from you is no joke. I can't just fly off on a whim to see you any weekend I want. Unfortunately at this new stage of life, all I can do is bide for my time till I can go home and see you again. Night times are the worst - they remind me painfully of the minutes going by without your presence.

I still remember, every single night, after you have finished gobbling up your dinner, I would sit on the floor and you would be lying next to me, either chewing a bottle cap or a treat I bring along with me. You liked to rest your front paws on my legs while you chew and I would be gently stroking your smooth coat, at times telling you anecdotes of the day or my musings and thoughts. You're such a good listener - you let me tell you stuff at my own pace and time without cutting or judging me.

You loved to snuggle on my thighs and curled up there and doze off as if I was just a soft, comfortable pillow. There were never a night a mosquito did not feast on me just because you decided that it was a good place to nap.

When I came back after being away for a week, I was hurt and I felt really guilty seeing the pain in your eyes, as if asking me 'where the hell have you been??' I wanted to promise you I won't leave you anymore. But I could not.

It broke my heart when a few days later I had to go and this time, it will be for a year.

I am missing you so much, my dear favourite canine in the world.